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Cross Stitch Designers or Publishers or Magazines with Links are underlined!

          Note - the Designers Not underlined have No known web-site   or   sadly they have gone out of business.

Quail Run (qr) Quality Publications (qp) Quick & Easy Crafts (qec) Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Magazine-UK (qck)
Quick & Easy Needlecraft (qn) Quiet Moments (qm) Quilt of a Different Color, A (qdc)
R & R Reproductions (rrr) Rabbit Works (rw) Rachel Atkinson (rat) Rainbow Chasers, The (rc)
Rainbow Designs, Inc (rdi) Rainbow Gallery (rg) Rainbows, Inc (ri) Raindrop (rd)
Raise the Roof Designs (rard) Ramsgate ltd (rgl) Raspberry Patch Designs (rpd) Rayna Designs (ryd)
Reader's Digest (rgt) Reba's Creations (rbc) Red Horse Trading Co (rht) Redbone Valley (rbv)
Rico Designs -Germany (rco) Risslee Designs (rsl) R. L. R. Designs (rlr) Robert Aldrich (rba)
Robin Designs (rob) Rocky Mount Designs (rmb) Rodale Craft Books (rdcb) Ronnie Rowe Designs (rrd)
Rose Cottage (rct) Rosemary Drysdale (rsd) Rosewood Manor (rm) Ross Originals (ro)
Ruth Kahl Mills (rkm) Ruthanna (ra)
S.P. Ink (spk) Sabra Publishing Co, Inc (spci) Sally Ann Designs (sad) Saltbox Samplers (sltbx)
Sam-Cloth (sc) Sam Hawkins Designs (shk) Sampler Workes (swe) Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly Magazine (sanq)
Sampler Collection, The (samc) Sampler House, The (sh) Samplers And Such (sas) Samplers...From the Heart (Jill Siegler) (sph)
Samplers of Sylke (ssy) Samplers Plus (sp) Samplery, The (sa) SamSarah Designs Studio (sds)
San Designs (snd) Sandi Phipps Counted Cross Stitch (snds) Sara Murray Designs (smd) Sarah May Designs Ltd (smm)
Scarlet Letter, The (stl) Scarlet Thread, The (sct) Schoolhouse Designs, Inc (sch) Schoolroom Samplings (schs)
SEBA Designs (seba) Search Press (sp)    
Seaside Designs (ssd) Seashore Designs (sshd) Seaworthy Designs (swrd) Sebby's Designs (sbb)
Sedgewood Press (sdw) Seebo's Creations, Inc (sboc) Sekas & Co (skc) Selected Stitcheries by Sandra (ssbs)
Serendipity Designs (srd) Sew & Co (swc) Sew Fine Designs (swfd) Sew Fun (sew)
Sewing Bird, The (swb) Sewing Chest Designs (scd) Sew Original NeedleArt (swon) Sew So Easy (sse)
Shariane Designs, Inc (shrd) Sharon's Designer Collection (shoc) Sharon Perna (spr) Shay Pendray's Needle Arts, Inc (spna)
Sheenas Gallery (sg) Sheepish Antiques (spsd) Sheepish Designs (spsd) Sheinbart Associates (shea)
Shepherd's Bush (shrp) Sherwood Studio (shrw) Shimmering Dewdrop (smdd) Shirley Shirley Originals (shsh)
Sigrid Designs (sgd) Silver Lining Creations (sllc) Silver Lining, The (sll) Silver Needle Studio (sns)
Silver Thimble LLC, The (slth) Simply Cross Stitch Magazine (sbcs) Simply Old-Fashioned (sof) Simply Samplers (sys)
Simply the Best Cross Stitch Magazine -Australia (sib) Singer Co (sing) Sisters & Best Friends (sabf) Sisters In Stitches (sins)
Sitka Stitches (sks) Sit 'n Stitch (sits) SJ Designs Needleworks (sjd) Skat Kat Designs (skk)
Skinner Sisters (skss) SLQ Designs (slq) Smile n' Stitch (smns) Smithsonian Institution (smi)
Smokey Mountain Designers (smkd) Sniktaw Charts (snk) Soliel Group of Co (sog) Something Different (sd)
Something Golden (smgld) Something in Common (soil) Something Special (soc) Sooz Designs - (sooz)
Source Marketing (som) Sourpuss Designs (sor) South Forty, The (sfry) Spare Time Originals (sptd)
Spinning Wheel (spnw) Spring Valley Stitchery (spvs) Spirit of Cross-Stitch Festival (spcs) Sporting Masters, Ltd, The (spm)
Springberry Kreek Designs (sbk) St. Martin's Griffin (smg) St. Ruth Designs (stru) Stadia Handcrafts -Australia (sha)
Stancil Stitches (stst) Stardust (std) Stars, Hearts & Friends (sthf) Station Too, The (soo)
Steel Needle Stitchery (stns) Steele Family, The (disi) Step 2, The (s2i) Sterling Publishing (str)
Stitch Company, The - UK- (stco) Stitchers Attic (stac) Stitcher's Habit, The (sth) Stitchery by Gail (sbg)
Stitchery Nook (stn) Stitchery Square (sq) Stitches by Cheri (stc) Stitches Count Magazine (stcot)
Stitches From the Heartland (stfh) Stitchin' Post Creations (stpoc) Stitchin' Shamrock, The (ss) Stitchin' Time Inc (stti)
Stitching Kreations (stks) Stitching Parlor, The (stp) Stitching Post, The (stpo) Stitching Stable, The (stbl)
Stitchmaker, The (stmk) Stitch World Magazine (sw) or Cr-St & Needlework (sw)
Stitchworks fine needlework designs, The (swlt) Stitchy Kitty (stk) Stoney Creek Collection (scc) Strawberry Molly Designs (srmd)
Strawberry Patch, Inc (strwi) Studio B (sb) Studio M (sm) Studio Seven (sss)
Stuck Collection (stcl) Sudberry House (sdb) Sue Hillis Designs (shd) Sue Lentz Needlework (sl)
Sugarplum Express (sgp) SuLar Prime Time Designs (sul) Sultana Kits (sult) Summit Designs (sum)
Sundance Designs, Inc (sud) Sunflower Samplings (sf) Sunflower Seed, the (ssed) Sun Graphics (sng)
Sunny Lawrence (sunl) Sunset (snst) Sunspots (snsp) Susan Bates, Inc (ssb)
Suzanne McNeil Designs Originals (sz) Sweetheart Co (swh) Sweetheart Tree, The (swt) Sweet Pea & Peanut Designs (spap)
Sweetwater Designs (swwt) Symbols of Excellence (sym)

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