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Cross Stitch Designers or Publishers or Magazines with Links are underlined!

          Note - the Designers Not underlined have No known web-site   or   sadly they have gone out of business.

M & W Line (mwl) M Designs (mds) Made For Stitchin' (mfrs) Madeira Maketing Ltd (mml)
Maggie Designs (mgd) Maggie's Mini Mottos (mgmd) Magic Needle (mgnl) Major Presentation (mp)
Makings, The (mk) Mandy Bear Designs (mbd) Manifesti (mf) Manor House (mnhu)
Many Flowers Design Co (mfdc) MarBek, Inc (mbi) Mardina Enterprises (me) Margaret Lee (ml)
Margaret & Margaret, Inc (mm) Margaret Day Creations (mdc) Margaret M. Frederick (mmf) Margery's (mgr)
Mariana Liza - UK (mrz) Marie Barber- England (mba) Marilynn & Jackie's Collectibles (mjc) Marion Thorpe Designs (mthd)
Marjorie G. DiLello (mgdo) Mar-Nic Designs (mnds) Mary-Alice Designs (mad) Mary-Ann Designs, Inc (mand)
Mary Beale (mb) Mary Engelbreit (me) Mary-Frances Designs (mfd) Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin (mgsc)
Mary Hickmott's New Stitches Magazine -England (ns) Maryjanes (maj) Mary Jane Collection - England (mj) Mary Jane's Cross 'N Stitch (mjcs)
Mary Lou Murphy (mlm) Mary Maxim, Inc (mx) Mary Moore (ma) Mary's Needlecrafts (mynd)
Mary's Nifty Needle (mrnn) Masterpiece Publications Ltd (mast) Mats, Etc. (mats) Mayberry Designs (mby)
McCall's Needlework & Crafts Magazine (mcnc) McCarn Enterprises, Inc (mcce) McGarry-Clark Enterprises, Inc (mcgc) McIntosh Samplers (mcs)
Me + Ewe Collection Cross-Stitch (mewc) Medeiros Needlecraft Design (mdnd) Meme's Quilts Design Co, Inc (mem) Memories Made by Hand (mmh)
Meredith Press Corp (mc) Meredith Mark Designs (mar) Merehurst , LTD -London (merl) Metcalf Industries (meti)
Mettapoint Designs (mttd) M.H. Yarns, Inc (mhy) Michael Powell - UK - (mpow) Middle Row (mr)
Midnight Needles (mnn) Milestone Designs (mls) Mill & Hill Products & Publication (mhg) Mill Hill Graphics, Inc (mhp)
Mill Pond Designs (mpd) Mill Road Gallery (mrg) Millcraft Inc (mi) Minta Floyd, Inc (mfi)
Mirabilia Designs (mrd) Mira's Needlework (man) Mishrak Designs - UK (mk) Missouri Mill (mom)
Missy & Co (msy) Modern Heirlooms (mhe) Monkey Business (mnk) Monarch Designs or Horizon (mo)
Moon Pi Madness (mpm) Mosey 'N Me (msym) Moss Creek Designs (mcrk) Mother & Daughter Designs (md)
MPR Associates, Inc (mpr) Mr. Gidget (mrg) MSC Publishing, Inc (mscp) My Favorite things (mtf)
My Heart's Garden (myhg) Mystic Stitch (myst)    
Nancy Dorman Designs (ndrd) Nancy Spruance Designs (nsd) Nancy's Needle (nn) Naomi"s (nai)
Native Sun (nsun)      
Ned Adams Originals (nao) Need'l Love Co, Inc (nol) Needle & Fred, A (nnfa) Needle and I, The (nai)
Needle Arts - Bedelia (naa) Needleart (na) Needleart by Gena (ng) Needlecrafters, The (ndcr)
Needlecraft for Today Magazine (ncft) Needlecraft House-USA (nch) Needlecraft House-Australia (noo) Needlecraft International -Australia (ni-a)
Needlecraft Magazine-UK (ncm) Needlecraft Shop, The  (ned) Needlecrafts Unlimited Co (ncu) Needlecrafts Society (nsoc)
Needleform, Inc (nfi) Needlemagic, Inc (nmi) Needle Maid Designs (nlmd) Needle Necessities, Inc (nni)
Needle Nook Designs (nn) Needlepoint Studio (nps) Needlepoint, USA, Inc (npsa) Needle Rose (nr)
Needles & Co (nsc) Needle's Course Collectibles, Inc (ndcc) Needles Excellence (nx) Needles N' Crafts (nnc)
Needles 'N Hoops (nnh) Needle's Notion (nns) Needlepoint Gold - UK (npgk) Needlepoise (ndlp)
Needle's Prayse (np) Needle's Work, The (now) Needlewords Magazine (ndw) Needlework & Crafts Inc (nwc)
Needlework & Custom Designs (ncd) Needle Work Designs (nwwd) Needleworker Magazine, The (nwm) Needleworker, The (nw)
Needleworker's Delight (nwd) Needlework Fancies (nwf) Needlework Junction (nwjc) Needlework Magazine -UK (nws)
Needlework Originals (nwo) Needlework's Northwest (nwn) NeedleWorks, Inc (nwi) Nessy Lynn's (nsy)
New Berlin Co (nwb) New Dawn Designs (ndd) New Holland Publishers (nhps) New Millennium Graphics (nmg)
New Stitches Magazine - UK (ns) Nimble Needle (nbn) Ninna (Virginia Winecoff) (nna) Nomis Yarn Co (nom)
Norden Crafts (nor) Nordic Needle (nrn) Norma J. Designs (njd) Norman Rockwell (nrw)
Northern Designs (nd) Northern Pine Designs-Canada (npd) Nostalgic Needle, The (nsn)
Nouvelle -Holland (nou) NP Scenes (npsc) NTW Enterprises (ntw) Nutmeg Needle (nug)
O.O.E,Inc (ooe) Oak Tree Designs (okt) Oberlin Designs (ob) Off the Wall Designs (owd)
Of Female Worth (of) Old Lace Needleart (olnt) Old Lakewood (ol) Olde Colonial Designs (oc)
Olde Time (ot) Olde Towne Designs (otd) Omnipress (op) Ondorisha Publish (on)
One More Stitch (oms) Orana Originals-Australia (oo) Orange Blossoms Publish (obp) Originals by Karen, Inc (ok)
Ortho Books (ort) Oxmoor House, Inc (ox)    
P.B. Designs  (pbd) P. Buckley Moss (pbm) P.M. Designs  (pmd) P.M. Originals (pmo)
P.S. It's Cross Stitch! (ps) Pab Designs (pab) Pako Handwerken (phw) Pacific Collection (pcl)
Paintbrushes & Sawdust  (pbs) Palm Beach Needle-Painters, Inc (pbnp) Pal Prime Arts Ltd, Inc (pal) Pamela Laba Designs (plab)
Paragon Needlecraft (pn)      
Past & Presents Needlework (ppn) Pat & Pam Inc (ppi) Pat Holbrook Designs (phd) Pat Rogers' Counted Collection (pr)
Patryska Patterns (ptry) Pat Wilkie Keene (pwk) Patches, Etc. (ptc) Patricia D, Cope Designs (pdcd)
Patricia Gaskin Designs (pg) Patrick's Woods (pw) Patterns by Gayle (pbg) Patty Ann Creations (pac)
Paula Denham Co (pd) Paula Vaughan (pvn) Peacock Publications (pea) Pegasus Originals, Inc  (po)
Peggy Ann Originals (pad) Peggy Wellman Designs (pwd) Periwinkle Promises (pwp) Permin of Copenhagen (poc)
Piecework Magazine (piw) Pine Mountain Designs (pmd) Pik-admc Corp (pik) Pitter Patterns (pp)
Pixie Dust (px) Plaid  (pld) Plane Stitchery (pls) Playhouse Cross-Stitch (pl)
Pocket-Full of Dreams (pcf) Point De Croix (pdc) Pollywoggs & Pettycoats (pap)
Poppy Kreations (pk) Porcupine Collection (prc) Posh Publishing, Inc (pq) Posy Collection, The (pos)
Potpourri Etc. (pot) Prairie Farm Designs (prf) Prairie Schooler, The (pscr) Praying Hands (pry)
Precious Moments (dgp) Primedia Special Interest Pub. (psip) Primrose Path (prp) Princess Designs (pcd)
Porcupine Collection, The (purc) Prentice-Hall, Inc (prhi) Prentiss NeedleArt Designs (prnd) Priscilla Hauser Designs (ph)
Pro-Graphs (pro) Publications by Posh (pq) Puckerbrush, Inc (puc) Puddin' Designs (pudd)
Pumpkin Patch Originals (ppo) Punto Magazine- Italy (pun)

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