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Cross Stitch Designers or Publishers or Magazines with Links are underlined!

          Note - the Designers Not underlined have No known web-site   or   sadly they have gone out of business.

Earth Threads (et) Easycraft Magazine -France (esy) Eda Originals (edo) Eighth Day Creations (edc)
Eighteenth Century Cr-St (eccs) Elegant Designs by Elizabeth (edbe) Elegant Designs, The (eds) Elegant Needle, The (en)
Elegant Stitch, Inc, The (esl) Elizabeth Stuart Designs (ezs) Elizabeth's Designs (ed) Elizabeth's Garden (eg)
Ella Mae Livington  (em) Ellen Maurer-Stroh (ems) Ellen Moore Johnson Designs (emj) Embroidery & Cr-St Magazine -Australia (ecsm)
Embroidery Arts (eba) Embroidery Studio (etv) Emerge Designs (emr) EML Associates & X-it (eml)
Enchanting Lair (el) Enchanted Needle Designs (end) Entwurf & Avsarbeitung (ent) Erica Michaels Designs (emds)
Erik Christian Designs (ecd) Eva Brent Designs (evb) Eva Rosenstand Corp (evr) Eventide Designs (evt)
Evermore Designs (emd) Ertwerks (erw) Esther Randall (esrn) Ewe & Eye & Friends (ewe)
Ewe All & Udders (eau) Ewe I Friends (eif) Examplers From the Heart (exf) Extension, The (exx)
EZ Crafts International (ez)      
Faces Dimensional Needlework (fa) Faithwurks Design (fthw) Family Tree (ft) Fanci That Patterns (ftp)
Fancy Work & Fantasies (fw) Fantasy Factory (ff) Fashion & Crafts (fac) Faye-Raye Stitcheries (frst)
Featherstone Creations (fe) Feeling Stitchy (fls) Fibre Follies (ffo) Fils Du Temps (fdt)
Fine Arts Heritage Society, The  (fah) Fine Fancywork Counted Thread Embroidery (ffw) Finish Line, The (fl) Fireside Originals (frs)
First Love Designs (fld) Fleming H Revell (fhr) Fleur de Paris Corp (fdp) Flutterbox Designs (flt)
Flying Fingers (flf) Flying Needles (fly) Folk-Heart Designs (flh) Fond Memories (fmi)
Footprints (fopt) For Stitcher's Sake (fss) For the Love of Cross Stitch Magazine (flcs) Forever Friends Needlework Designs (ffnw)
Forever In My Heart (fimh) Forever Stitching (fer) Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches (fmns) Fox Collection, The (fc)
FoxHill Designs (fd) Framecraft - England (frcr) Frames & Sew Forth (frswf) Fran Baggett Productions (fbp)
Frances & Me (fm) Frances L Johnson Designs (flj) Freeman-Pierce (frpr) Friedman/Fairfax Publisher (frf)
Friendly Greetings (fg) Friends Indeed (fi) Friends In Needlework (finw) Frog Hollow Designs (fh)
From Annie (fann) From Nans Hand (fnh) From the Heart (Dimensions) (frth) Frying Pan Pattern (fry)
Full Circle Designs (fcd) Fulmer Craft (fcr) Funk & Weber Designs (fwd) Funstitch (fst)
Future Publishing Limited -UK (fut)
G.G.Designs (gg) Gail Bird Designs (gc) Gallery Crafts (gcf) Gallery of Stitches (gls)
Gard Craft, Inc (gci) Gary Patternson Designs (gpd) Gault Designs (gud) Gay Bowles Sales (gbs)
Gemstone Designs (gems) Gena P. Bettis Designs (gpbd) Gentle Art, Inc (ga) Gerry Buckley Cross-Stitch Design - Australia (gbcs)
Gick Publish, Inc (gk) Gift of Love, Inc (goli) Ginger & Spice (gs) Ginnie Thompson Originals (gto)
Ginny's Stitchin's Cr-St Graphics (gscs) Glendon Place (gldp) Gloria, Inc (ginc)  
Glory Bee Stitch  (grb) Golden Bee (gb) Golden Press (gpp) Golden Threads Designs (gtd)
Good Natured Girls Collection (gngc) Good Shepherd (gsh) Good Therapy (gt) Goode Huswife, The (gh)
Grace Publications (grp) Grace Robinson & Co (grc) Graph Menagerie, Inc (gm) Graph Goose, The (grg)
Graphic Edge (ge) Graphigue Needle Arts, Ltd (gna) Graph-it Arts (gia) Graphs by Barbara & Cheryl, Inc (gbc)
Graphs By Goodman (ggd) Graphworks International, Inc (gwi) Gray Power (gp) Grateful Hearts (grh)
 Great Big Charts (gbg) Green Apple Co, Inc (grna) Greenbrier International, Inc (grbi) Greenfield Designs (grf)
Greentree Designs (grt) Griffin Needleart Designs (gnad) Guild of Master Craftsman Publications - UK (gmcb)
H Publishing Service (h) Hallmark (hlm) Hand Dids (hnd) HandPrint Press (hp)
Hands-On Design (hod) Hands to Work (hdtw) Handwork (hw) Hardander House (hh)
Hanky Panky (hnp) Hare Folk (har) Harper In Stitches (hr) Harris Publishing (hrp)
Harvest Co  (hrc) Harvest Moon (hrv) Haystacker (hy) HB Designs (hbd)
Headache Solvers (hsv) Heart In Hand Needleart (hihn) Heart of Gold Designs (hg) Heart of the Country (hfc)
Hearthside Designs (hsd) Heartland House Designs (hchd) Heart's Content, Inc (hci) Heartwarming Samplers (hws)
Heatherly Designs (hthd) Heavenly Expressions (hex) Heidi Poet Originals (hpo) Heirloom Needlecraft (hrnc)
Heirloom Shop, The (hs) Heirloom Stitching (hstt) Heirlooms Unlimited (hunl) Helen Burgess (hbs)
Helene Halverson Designs (hhd) Helmsford Designs (hd) Heritage Classics (hc) Heritage Designs, Inc (hds)
Heritage Series (hss) Heritage Stitchcraft (hts) Heritage Village (hv) Hermanson Hardanger (hrr)
Herrschner's  (her) Hiawatha Creative Crewel (hiac) Hickory Hollow (hiho) Hickory Mountain Designs (hmtn)
High Tide Enterprises (hte) Hilite Designs (hlds) Hillcroft House (hci) Hillside Samplings (hsl)
Hinzeit (hnz) Historic Needlework Guild, Inc  (hsng) Historic Stitches (his) Hob Nobb Designs (hbnd)
Hoffman Distributing Co - (hcf) Holbert Cross-Stitch (hob) Holiday-Sparrow Designs (hspd) Hollie Designs (hld)
Hollis Designs (hlis) Holly House Designs (hoh) Home Sweet Home (hwh) Homecrafters Mfg. Corp (hcm)
Home Rule Graphics, Inc (hrgi) Homespun Collectibles (hsc) Homespun Elegance Ltd (he) Homespun Hearts (hmh)
Homespun Sampler (hos) Homestead Designs (hst) Honey Bee Creations (hbc) Honeysuckle Hollow (hsh)
Honeythorn Designs Studio (hth) Hoo-Ah Designs (hoad) Hope's Child (hpc) Horizon Publisher (hzp)
Hospitality House (hhus) Houghton Mufflin Company (hmc) Houston Collection (hout) Hobby's Hobby (hub)
House of White Birches (hwb) Hugs 'N Stitches (hug) Humor Us (hur) Hutspot House (hut)

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