Quilt Designs

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Quilt Designs In Cross-Stitch - An American sampler - 1989
by  Vanessa-Ann Collection
published by Sedgewood Press

Catalog  sdw-bk-3210

29 designs- The Sampler of Quilts, The Neighborhood Sampler, Three Maids A-Sailing Scene, Navigator Square, Rabbit In the Garden Sampler, Bouquets & Baskets Sampler, Bouquet Doll Dress, A Shooting Star Sampler, The Quilter's Prize Sampler, The Barnyard, The Princess & The Pea Bed, The Quilter Sampler, Diamonds In a Dozen Colors, The Three Bears, Annie's Closet Doll Dresses, etc


List Price $ 17.95
Cost $ 2.00

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